Thankful, Grateful, Blessed: Planning Your Outdoor Thanksgiving Day Party


The holiday season is officially rolling now that Thanksgiving is on its way! Maybe it is your turn to host the family for the turkey day festivities, and you’re getting stressed. One great option, if you are lucky enough to have a day of nice weather, is to plan for an outdoor soiré. Your family will love gathering around in the beautiful fall weather, showing love and gratefulness for all there is in the world. So, with that said, if you are needing some Thanksgiving outdoor decorating ideas for this season, we have what you are looking for.
Thanksgiving time comes during one of the best times of year, in my own opinion. The fall has so much to offer, and can be your guiding light when looking for decorating ideas. The use of the different colors and even the foliage in the yard can play a big factor into decorating. Use the fun, crunchy leaves as part of your centerpiece area (Or if you’re not liking the real thing, you can always find fall leaf garland or foliage at your local craft store). Another big color to play off of during the Thanksgiving time is copper. This metallic color blends in so well with colors of falls, and can really tie everything together for your party.
Planning the family get together for the holiday can seem overwhelming, what with the meal, the family, and, of course, the decorating. But, don’t let it get to you! Make the most of the fall inspiration, and all the warm feelings that come with this beautiful and grateful time of the year.